Tuesday, June 10, 2014

E3 In Two Words

"Who Cares".

I will not cover nor follow anything that caters to a dwindling number of companies and websites covering it, many of whom do no belong there based on profession. It was never completely exclusive to whom they invited to cover the event, but the growing metrics required to get badges has become asinine. I understand the bigger sites bring in bigger hits with more eyes poking towards what is covered, but smaller sites have flourished during E3 coverage as well. Coverage is coverage.

So until organizers decide to stop limiting who attends and covers to the "elite" journalists, random Hollywood mouth breathers with no just cause there, parody YouTube players that do not actually critique the material and so on, I will not bother covering, nor caring, about E3. Instead, I'll be watching Toy Story 1-3, checking for Steam sales and trying to beat the Kyle Bayle raid. Possibly in that order, or at the same time.